Very unscientific survey

Today’s posting is not about unscientific surveys, which are legion especially on the internet. This is an unscientific survey.

I find myself with a month’s vacation to use to finish a book on which I have been working. The problem is this: there are five of them.

Here’s the survey part: I would like readers of this blog as well as the other regular blog on which I post to let me know your preference.

Since this blog is about religion and the public sector and the other, ( is about spiritualty, I expect different responses, but we will see.

Here are the choices:

1. Moral law and ethical law-on natural law theory

2. On becoming Christian again: a quixotic return to the religion of Jesus the Galilean

3. The psychology of well-being, or can Moses, Jesus and Freud get along?

4. Up to their chests in the swamp, or I didn’t make much money, but here’s what I have learned so far

5. My life in basketball, chronicling my father’s final days with dementia and following

There they are. What do you think? Let me now your preference and I will report back.

Thanks and peace be with you.


About tpurchasesnj

I am a Presbyterian minister. I am also a former military chaplain. It has always been important to me to examine the impact that religion has on the public sector. That is the purpose of this blog; to explore the ways that religion intersects the market place.
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One Response to Very unscientific survey

  1. Beth Krchnavek says:

    #3 or #5

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