“So, you think it couldn’t happen again?”

Yesterday, 27 January, was “International Holocaust Remembrance Day”. The day commemorates the day on 27 January 1945, on which the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp was liberated by the Russian army.

The Nazi’s had abandoned the camp 10 days earlier, according to Salvador Litvak, “The Accidental Talmudist”, forcing most of the prisoners on a death march, leaving the most debilitated behind to their own devices.

The world decided to assuage its own conscience in 2005 by declaring the 27th as a day of remembrance. At the same time, even churches seem to be taking steps such a divesting from investments in companies that do business with Israel enabling it to defend itself from terrorists that surround the tiny Jewish state.

It has become almost a litmus test for those who call themselves liberals to advocate for the destruction of Israel at the hands of those who actively seek to kill Jews and take over the only land where any Jew, (except for those that have converted), can emigrate legally.

Time sometimes dulls memories. If we forget the Shoa, (which I prefer to “Holocaust” since a holocaust is a sacrifice intentionally made, while the term, Shoa, means a shame. The systematic murder of millions of people was a shame, not a sacrifice intended by the victims), and advocate fo rthe destruction of the state of Israel by its neighbors as our leaders in churches as well as the public sector seem to intend, then we will let a “shame” happen again.

There; I said it; I guess that will make my fellow clergy question my liberal bona fides. But, I was ashamed of my own Christian denomination last week when it claimed to be responsible investors from taking steps to promote anti-Semitism.

Peace be with you all.


About tpurchasesnj

I am a Presbyterian minister. I am also a former military chaplain. It has always been important to me to examine the impact that religion has on the public sector. That is the purpose of this blog; to explore the ways that religion intersects the market place.
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